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Optical Multiswitch
for 8 or 16 subscriber

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The new Gateway Termination Unit
available as Quatro or Quad version

Dibkom Stassfurt

Item number: F100, F210, F211

Dibkom Breitbandkommunikationszentrum (BKZ)

On December the 10th of 2015, the Dibkom Breitbandkommunikationszentrum (BKZ) in Barnim / Eberwalde was inaugurated.
This pilot project of Dibkom (German Institute of Broadband Communications) is to get highschool students to the next school education level, to learn the theoretical and practical skills for a practical career and study orientation.

The BKZ got the equipment for this project by donations from the cable industry.
The company Bauckhage has provided for this project optical cables, optical splitter, Fibre LNBs and GTUs from Global Invacom.