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S w i t c h B l a d e

Optical Multiswitch
for 8 or 16 subscriber

"Made in Germany"


The new Gateway Termination Unit
available as Quatro or Quad version

Fibre IRS Quatro GTU MKIII

Item number: F213


The IRS Quatro GTU MKIII is designed to feed a
5/xx Multiswitch.
The power supply occurs via the connected
Multiswitch or via a
20 V PSU, which is separate available.
If a terrestrial signal is feeded, it is receivable at
a separate output.
The IRS Quatro GTU MKIII works with the
signal of a Fibre LNB or in combination with
the IRS Fibre Kit.


Optical Quatro GTU
1 Sat- and DTT signal
for Multiswitch usage

Opt. Input power:


Optical Input:

Input frequency HF:


Output frequency Sat:

Output frequency terr.:

Output power Sat:

Output power terr.:

Power supply:

-12 dBm to -3 dBm

1100 nm to 1650 nm

1 x FC/PC jack

0,95 - 5,45 GHz

5 x F-jack

950 - 2150 MHz

88 - 108, 174 - 240,
470 - 862 MHz

~ 79 dBµV 
(depending on the satellite signal)

~ 78 dBµV

11 V - 20 V
(via Multiswitch or via PSU)